Drinks menù:


Non alcoholic cocktails

Sri Sri: sweet or sour san pellegrino red orange/lemon with lime & strawberry R38

The Rose: sweet or sour rose water, lime, mint & soda with a prig of rosemary R38

Lima: sweet or salty fresh lime with soda water R33

Virgin Mojitos: fresh lime, mint & soda R44

San pellegrino orange R26 San pellegrino red orange R26 San pellegrino lemon R26

San pellegrino sparkling water R45

craft sodas lavender lemonade/ginger ale/tonica R26

Coca cola R20 Tonic water R20 Soda water R20 Ice tea lemon/peach R25 


Becks non alcoholic R35

Black label R26

Amstel R28

Windhoek draught R35

Castle light R27

Hansa R26

Striped horse lager 330ml R38 Striped horse lager 500ml R45

CBC amber weiss 330ml R38 CBC amber weiss 500ml R45   Hunters dry R32 Savanna dry R32


Ernst & co semillon blend R210

Ernst & co pinot noir R190

Durbanville hills R40 glass R160 bottle

Warwick first lady cabernet sauvignon R35/R135

Kanonkop cape blend R45 glass R185 bottle

Porcupine ridge syrah R35/ R135

Prosecco R340 bottle

Sangria R45 / R160 jug


Aperol spritz R52

Mojito R54

Margarida R62

Americano R52

Cocktail special R55


Amarula R24

Limoncello R24

El jimador tequila R25

Amaretto R26

Frangelico R25

Jagermeister R25

Jameson whisky R30

Red label whisky R25

Wellington brandy R25

Bells whisky R25

Smirnoff vodka R26

Grappa nardini R45


Pot of tea R20

Long coffee R25