Guru: tomato base with spinach, olives, pineapple, avocado & cherry tomatoes R120

Vegana:  thick tomato base, sesame seeds, peppers, baby marrow, cherry tomato’s, avocado, aubergine and carmelised onion jam R108

Croccante: crispy base with Roman artichokes, rocket, cherry tomatoes and dollops of hummus R112

Al Baba Sababa: hummus base with grilled baby marrow, carmelised onion,butternut and balsamic reduction R105

Thai Green Mamba: coconut green curry base, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes & peppers R110

Roma: Pesto base, tomato rings, rocket & avocado R110


mung bean sprouts: R10

grilled asian bbq tofu:R30

vegan cheese:R20 


  Margherita: tomato base with mozzarella R85 con bufala mozzarella R105

Gluten free: extra R20

Quattro formaggi: tomato and mozzarella base, camembert, blue cheese, brie cheese, parmesan R104

Parmigiana: pan fried aubergine, provolone on a thick tomato and mozzarella base R98

Mamma mia: tomato and mozzarella base, feta, baby tomato’s and rocket with balsamic reduction R100

Turbanite: tomato and mozzarella base with feta, caramelized onions And baby marrow R98

Hindi: tomato and mozzarella base grilled aubergine, baby marrow, peppers and onion R108

Funghetta: tomato and mozzarella base grilled aubergine, forest mushrooms, garlic, parsley R108

Arlecchino: cream and mozzarella base, peppers, artichoke, cherry tomatos, avocado, feta, olives, potato and balsamic reduction R120

Shanico: cream and mozzarella base, goat cheese, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, honey and balsamic reduction R110

Wa Wa: cream & mozzarella base, grilled baby marrow, gorgonzola, pear, walnuts, porcini mushroom & carmelised onion R120

Porcellina: tomato & bufula mozzarella base, porcini mushroom & shaved parmesan R130

Kimoncella: tomato & mozzarella base, mushrooms, capers, olives & pineapple R105

Mediterranea: margherita with olives, cherry tomatoes & mushrooms R110 


Cacciatore: tomato and mozzarella base, italian sausage, caramelized onions, baby tomatoes and mushrooms R110

Diavola: tomato and mozzarella base with spicy italian salami R96

Regina: tomato and mozzarella base mushrooms and ham R96

Kimonster: tomato & mozzarella base, pineapple and spicy salami R104   Pepperoni: tomato and mozzarella base with peppers and spicy salami R104

Bartolomeo cream and mozzarella base with camambert and black forest ham R110

Bosco Nero tomato base with black forest ham under the mozzarella, peppers and baby tomatos R110

Quattro stagioni: tomato and mozzarella base, ham, artichoke, mushrooms and black olives R120   The french prince: tomato & mozzarella base, camembert, cranberries and bacon R120 

Due colori: half cream base with mozzarella and parma ham/half tomato base with mozzarella, baby tomato’s, feta, rocket and balsamic reduction R135

Montanara: tomato and mozzarella base, ricotta, salami and mushrooms R120

Ceasar: cream and mozzarella base with thinly sliced baby potato’s, camembert, rosemary and ham R120

Grizzly: tomato and mozzarella base, rocket, parma ham or beef carpaccio, shaved parmesan cheese, balsamic reduction R135

Le Fred Spider: tomato base, mozzarella & mozzarella di bufula with pan fried Aubergine, provolone & parma ham R135

Maiale di Mare: tomato & mozzarella base, cooked ham & tuna R115

Bismark: tomato & mozzarella base, pancetta, grilled baby marrow and an egg R125

Blue Beast: tomato & mozzarella base, pancetta, onion, olives & blue cheese R125

Peregrino: tomato & bufula mozzarella, pancetta, baby marrow & olives R130 


Tonno e cipolla: tomato and mozzarella base, tuna, capers, onion and cherry tomatoes R100

Lollina: tomato and mozzarella base, smoked salmon, capers, rocket and lemon juice R120

Napoletana: tomato and mozzarella base capers, black olives and anchovies R110

Manuela loca: tomato and mozzarella base with prawns, mussels, calamari tentacles, squid and parsley R145


Calzone Quattro stagione  tomato and mozzarella base with ham,mushroom,artichoke & olives R135 


Sweet pizza chocolate base and seasonal fruit with ice cream R98