Ferdinando the boss, the fox, the love of our pizzarella! In charge of quality control and always keen for a cuddle.
You will find Ferdinando wherever the pizza is ha ha! The smell of melted cheese is his calling! 

We got Ferdinando when Diego was working nights and days – I needed a latin hairy lover to keep me warm at night – Ferdinando born on the streets of Hout Bay was just the treat – street smart and charming a perfect candidate for the boss!
Everybody loves him and he always has a grin on his face  
(very easy to please!)
We love Diego, he cooks, he cleans – he is charming and he is proudly Italian. Diego is an all rounded talented chef, self-taught and stubborn. I met Diego on the beach in Ibiza – in his short swimming trunks and spear gun, his chilli oil infused with rosemary, his curly black hair, his cigarette stained teeth, parties for days… yes I had to import him back home! He now wows us with his tiramisu, pizza, tiramisu, pizza and yes fresh pasta but did I tell you about the tiramisuuuuuuuu!
Yum x Catch Diego flipping pizza or getting you drunk on his accent.
Ha ha ha and hello and welcome to Kiki Land haaaa yes Ferdinando’s pizza is filled with my art, love and devotion to laughter and happiness. Pop up Laughter yoga! Read our story in the handmade menu, taste our story in our homemade products. Laugh with me and kiss the sky you found yourself a real pizzarella paradise cosy as home and rich in love!
Mamma we love and miss you, Silvana the chefs’ mamma lives in us.
She taught us how to cook, clean and enjoy life! Smiling at us each day from her special place in the sky we honour her with doing our absolute best to give you true Latin hospitality.
Silvana had the most energy, most love and biggest hardworking hands.
Viva la mamma! Viva Silvana!